havent been on tumblr in a while, maybe now that im angry its time to post


the worst part is that most people i know ARE flaky, i myself have diverged at times from the non-flaky path of life. and hated myself for it. i mean.. what possesses you to agree to something and then later cancel for no apparent reason when we all know you werent planning to go in the first damn place. come on! its okay to say no in the first place, REALLY. rather than me going to plan my whole damn day around you and then you cancel. just .. stop

we are all over the age of 18

.. so why are we acting 11

heart of a champion

somebody gonna get a hurt

no. seriously

like who died and made me the queen of everything

fuck you all go do your own work!

i wanna go to the beach!

damn it. should’ve got a prius

when i become a bitch

1. period time

2. when things don’t go as planned


hopefully number 1 goes away as i get older, but the second one is pretty much up to me to control

sometimes i think im the only sane person i know

then i do something insane and realize im crazy just like every other fucking person on earth

i feel like ive grown so mature in the past couple of months

i wish to create/sign a “classy lady pact” R.K. i’m lookin at you ;)

something weird i found out about myself today

you know that face people make at the mention of that “one person’s” name?

the weirdo, freak, or annoying person?

yea.. i’m always friends with that person -_-

indian parents don’t like if their daughters date white guys.. but i was wondering if white people want their daughters to date indian guys hahahaha

my friend talks to me in farsi and i reply to her in hindi.. we’re so fucking weird

econ midterm today- but did i study? no. not read a single chapter thus far. or taken notes.

atleast im stress free

wow wow WOW

i looked really sexy today.